Study Finds Possible Link Between Alcohol Consumption And Obesity

link between obesity and alcohol

While having one or two drinks on your night off may not be excessively harmful, hitting the club and gulping down many drinks leads to intoxication. On your way home, you get the urge to splurge on some high-fat foods – that is why you decide to make a quick stop at the 24/7 McDonald’s that is just around the corner.

According to a new study published by the American Physiological Society, there is a good reason while you have the urge to munch on fast foods and fried foods after you had a couple of drinks. The study was conducted on three groups of mice. Each group were fed a different diet and provided to water. Some groups were also given access to alcohol mixed with water.

The idea of the study was to see if alcohol would actually cause the mice to consume more of the high fat foods and whether it would lead to faster weight gain.

The three groups of mice were divided as follow:

  • Group 1: Fed a high-fat diet. Given access to fresh water all the time. Limited access to a mixture of alcohol and water was also provided.
  • Group 2: Fed a normal diet. Given limited access to an alcoholic drink that was mixed with water.
  • Group 3: Binge diet. Were provided access to both a normal and a high-fat diet. Alcohol beverage was provided during limited times.

The higher the alcohol intake of the mice, the more they would opt for the high-fat food choices. This was seen in group three, who had access to both types of diets. The mice in the binge diet group also started to prefer the alcoholic beverage over regular water over time.

The scientists who were involved in the study explained that alcohol seems to trigger a similar area of the brain that has previously been associated with overeating.

Even though this study was only done on mice, the findings definitely suggests that a link may exist between alcohol consumption and a preference for high-fat foods. In turn, a link between alcohol and obesity has been discovered here. The study did note that this calls for further scientific research and clinical trials to be conducted in human subjects.

While we await further evidence of how alcohol affects the brain of human subjects, we can definitely all learn a lesson here. There is a reason why you crave high fat foods like McDonald’s after you went clubbing and had a few drinks.

If you are currently in a struggle to lose weight and have a problem with excess weight, you might want to consider these findings the next time you go out to drink. Do not forget that most alcoholic beverages also contain empty calories – which further adds to the weight gain problem that we have discussed in this post.

What are your thoughts on this study? Do you often find that you crave those oily and greasy foods after you drank too much? Have you noticed a gain in weight with this due? Let us know what you think in the comments below.  

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